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  • Yoann Taboyan

Inspiration for a Personal Chef

Traveling can be the greatest inspiration for San Diego Personal Chef Yoann Taboyan. Whether it is traveling back home to France or exploring other countries such as Nicaragua, there is so much to learn from others cultures, the people, and their food and rituals.

"The majority of Nicaraguan meals are founded upon traditional Nicaragua foods. Those include corn, beans, plantains, yucca, and peppers. A characteristic Nicaragua meal that you can try all over the country might include a meat like chicken, pork, or fresh seafood from Nicaragua’s expansive coasts, deep-fried plantains, rice, and beans (gallo pinto) and a cabbage salad. Coconut water and meat are also a common ingredient, mostly on the Caribbean coast."

"In the Rhone-Alpes - The area covers the old province of Dauphiné, once known as the "larder" of France,[dubiousdiscuss] that gave its name to Gratin dauphinois.[11] The Gratin Dauphinois is traditionally made in an old large baking dish rubbed with garlic. Layers of successively potatoes, salt, pepper and cream are piled up to the top of the dish. It will be baked in the oven at low temperature for 2 hours."

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